Beaumont director holding a leaf

Not just a pretty face.

We design our products to be the best at what they do, they just happen to look great too! We test and compare materials in laboratories to guarantee their performance, we then test them to destruction - we make sure that if a product fails it fails in testing not on your way to the concert. We’re not afraid to 3D scan a ton of instruments to make sure a universal case offers a perfect fit, and then let the office dog try and pull the backpack straps off it! Its real life testing…


As a company we are committed to craftsmanship that’s kinder to the world we love; working with more eco-friendly materials and using greener processes.

  • Natural materials
    Bamboo is an amazing feat of nature - a truly sustainable product, fantastic at tying up carbon and with amazing properties. We are working to expand our range of products utilizing this fantastic natural product. 
  • Recycled materials
    Keeping disused plastics out of the sea and landfills is vital. Our brand new microfibre cloths are made from recycled plastic bottles, every square metre of material keeps approximately 10 plastic bottles out of landfills. We are working on incorporating zips and other materials also made from recycled plastics. 
  • Packaging
    We are working hard to eliminate all plastic from our packaging and using only recycled and recyclable card and cardboard in our packaging and shipping materials.

Carbon Footprint 

Here at Beaumont we are working hard to minimize our carbon footprint and will continue to review our activities until we achieve a carbon neutral status.

  • While reducing our direct energy footprint is our first priority, we are working with Atmosfair to offset our current carbon footprint. Atmosfair is a German non-profit organization that actively contributes to CO₂ mitigation by promoting, developing and financing renewable energies in over 15 countries worldwide. 
  • We minimise travel by using video conferencing for meetings whenever possible. We encourage our team members to walk, cycle, car-share or use public transport. 
  • Our office is powered by the sun! With a solar array on the roof we’re proud to say our office makes more electricity than it uses! Skylights keep it nice and bright and its a nice place to be. 

Giving Back

We are lucky to have met and to work with some amazing people who have found ways to share music and make it possible for others.

  • Instruments for Africa (IFA)
    We are honoured to have partnered up with IFA, a fantastic Canadian not-for-profit that puts instruments into the hands of African school children. Having donated instruments to the cause some years ago we have now teamed up with the great Tod Snelgrove (IFA founder) to supply Beaumont accessories to look after the instruments IFA have collected, repaired and delivered to these students. 
  • Beaumont Artists
    We work with a group of fantastic young musicians who are inspirational role models for beginners and those looking to rekindle their love of music. It is a very difficult journey as a young musician and these wonderful artists are so open and supportive, sharing their own experiences, trials and tribulations. They teach and perform, share how to harness social media to build awareness but above all offer support, guidance and inspiration to the young musicians of today. We in turn promote them wherever we can and share their stories and journeys. We are very proud to call them Beaumont artists. 


Our products are designed in the UK and made in China. We visit all of our partner factories annually to assess working conditions and practices.

We are proud to work with all 3 of our partner factories and that they are owned and run by women.
  • All workers are paid a living wage 
  • Working hours are not excessive 
  • Working conditions are safe and hygienic 
  • Child labour is not used 
  • Employment is freely chosen 
  • Workers do not suffer discrimination 
  • There is no harsh or inhumane treatment 
  • Workers have the freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining 
  • Regular employment is provided 
  • There is no unauthorised subcontracting

Our values drive us.

They define our actions and inspire us to make products for you. We care about the products we make, how we make them, the people we make them for and the impact this has on people's lives and the environment.

We believe that everyone has their own music and their own style. Our accessories take care of your instrument, so that you can indulge in making the music you love.