Lizzo: Why Flute is Cool Again

lizzo playing her flute on stage

Lizzo (less commonly known as Melissa Viviane Jefferson) has not just taken the music industry by storm, but even more specifically, the FLUTE INDUSTRY.

Lizzo is a self-confessed band nerd, playing flute and piccolo in high school band. She also plays the saxophone! Lizzo went on to study classical flute at the University of Houston. We're so inspired!

We couldn't be happier that Lizzo is putting flute on the map again, and showing it in all it's glory. Lizzo's flute is so fundamental to her performance that it even has its own name and instagram account!

We have it on good authority that Sasha is actually a Muramatsu, though the jury is still out on Sasha's friend Blew Ivy.

Check out Sasha's instagram:

Our co-founder, Thea, has been lucky enough to see Lizzo and Sasha perform twice, first at Glastonbury Festival and Subsequently in London. Can't wait for what's next !