Charm of Finches

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As colleagues and friends, the members of Charm of Finches have been swooping in and out of each others’ lives for more than a decade. A bird sings to attract a mate, establish territory, or simply because they love to sing. Charm of Finches look to make an impact on Canada’s music scene.

Charm of Finches

Their shared connections include hometowns, high schools, universities, training orchestras, and now Canada’s professional arts landscape. The Finches are active soloists and chamber musicians in their own right; their performance history extensively covers Canada and the US, as well as Asia, and performance venues stretching from the forests of Haliburton, Ontario to Carnegie Hall.

The Finches’ shared love of the flute’s orchestral repertoire is reflected within their individual careers. They have had the privilege to perform and/or hold positions in ensembles such as the Canadian Opera Company Orchestra, the Kingston Symphony, the Niagara Symphony, the London Sinfornia, the Ontario Philharmonic, and the Esprit Orchestra. This passion has informed the group’s repertoire which includes nuanced quintet arrangements of orchestral masterpieces. They also find mutual inspiration in contemporary music. All members have been active in the premieres and promotion of new repertoire by both emerging and established Canadian composers. The group is excited to continue this pattern in the canon of FluteQuintet Repertoire.


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